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Hannah's Story

I always wanted to be a military musician and in February 2013 I auditioned for the Royal Marines Band service and unfortunately failed for my fitness. It was then I decided I needed a personal trainer; I contacted Tom who being ex Forces himself, understood exactly what I needed to achieve.

Tom started with me pretty much straight away and I had a training session every week for 6 months. I hated phys but he was so motivational and when I was feeling down about a work out always spun a positive on what I had achieved. I had never been into sports at school so I was literally beginning from scratch. I even attended his 2 circuit classes a week as well as his personal 1-1 training.

I signed up to a local gym and took what Tom had taught me into my own sessions. He really did work hard for me in what I needed to achieve and even found a 1.5 mile route for me that was out the way that I could go and practice on my own if needed. This helped massively. Then the dreaded day came when I re-auditioned in July 2013. I woke up that morning of the physically test and remembered everything that Tom taught me, how to breathe properly and to open my stride. And because of our hard work I passed the audition and ended up joining the Royal Marines Band service in September 2013.

I honestly do believe that without Tom’s help and motivation that he gave me I wouldn’t have passed my physical test. Everything I learned from him I took into basic training with me when it came to Phys, I went from hating doing exercise to absolutely loving it (within in reason in basic training!) I would recommend Tom to anyone and to this day he has been the best trainer I have ever had. Because of him I ended up doing a job that I wanted to do for 3 years. Unfortunately I left the regulars but I went into the reserves, even now I still do physical test but I still remember everything Tom taught me. He is certainly value for money and you learn so much from him!