"I have been working with Tom since Jan 2009, he has really focused my mind into getting fit and staying fit. For me, having Tom as a personal trainer has been so motivational. Exercising has already made me feel better in myself. I have more energy and I've noticed differences in my body shape and fitness level in a short period of time. With Tom's help I am now more focused on my diet and making time to exercise between appointments. This has to be the best way to get fit."
Julia Hammond
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About us

Tom has had a passion for personal fitness since childhood through to him serving in the military for 9 years. It was therefore inevitable on completion of service he re-train as a personal trainer.

This was in 2005 and at Premier International,Trowbridge, the UK's leading health and fitness training provider. www.premierglobal.co.uk, Tom completed his Diploma in Personal Training and went on to also undertake and obtain a level 3 certificate in Sports Massage.

Tom has worked in several gyms in the local area to gain experience, these include; Nexus run ' The Mill ' in Carterton and ' The Health Club ' gymnasium at Witney Lakes Golf Club, Witney.

Tom has been a freelance trainer since 2007 and has clients in both Personal Training and Massage. Successfully running his own ladies only classes in Carterton, Churchill and Langford, Tom is also keen to expand to the surrounding villages and bring much needed classes to those who live far from Gyms and Leisure Centres.

A family man and father of two small boys, Tom is also aware of the importance of health and fitness awareness for todays children.

The introduction of the 'Playstation Generation' and being bombarded with images of unachievable, unhealthy body shapes from the media, young adults and teenagers are in need of education and being pointed in the right direction, because of this Tom is looking forward to working with West Oxfordshire District Council and getting involved with fun fitness in schools.

On a personal note

"I love the challenge that my clients bring to me, they are all so different. I am extremely enthusiastic towards my clients aims and goals and I pass on my passion, energy and support at all times.

I have a strong desire to help and encourage all those at any level who wish to improve, maintain or begin a new healthy fit lifestyle"

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Tom Wattleworth; DIP:P/T, M/T (Diploma Personal Training & Massage Therapy)

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